Alternator Repair and Service

Alternator Repair and Service


The Shop Tire and Service Center offers Alternator Repair and Service to Elk River, MN and its surrounding neighborhoods. As a trusted auto repair facility in Elk River, MN, we make sure to have the proper equipment and tools to ensure your car’s safety.

As a trusted Elk River, MN Auto Repair Shop, our services include maintaining your vehicle’s alternator. Your alternator generates most of the electricity in your vehicle. As such, we want to make sure that this essential car part send power to your headlights, engine fan, ignition coils as well as the various parts of your fuel injection system.

It’s important to check your alternator regularly since it’s not readily apparent when it fails. Regular check-ups and maintenance on your alternator will save you from headaches and costly repairs in the long term.

Take your vehicle to our Elk River, MN auto repair shop. Our highly trained technicians will look over your alternator as well as your starter, ignition, and battery.

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