Auto Cooling System

Keep Your Car Cool with Auto Cooling System Repair

As you drive, your engine creates quite a bit of friction. This friction can also create an extremely high amount of heat. When your engine warms up, it begins to run, but it also needs several different components to keep it cool. Some of these cooling system components include the radiator, various cooling fans, the water pump, thermostat, coolant fluid, a pressure cap, and more. All of these parts work together to ensure that your engine stays at a reasonable temperature and doesn’t overheat. An overheated engine is an extremely serious problem and should be addressed immediately.

At The Shop Tire and Service Center in Elk River, MN, we have a highly experienced staff of mechanics who can tackle any cooling-related task. Don’t leave your engine’s cooling system to chance. Let us perform a thorough diagnostics and repair anything that needs help so you can drive without worry about the dreaded overheated engine. The water pump in your engine sends coolant to the engine block which absorbs heat. This heat goes past the thermostat which helps to maintain the coolant’s temperature. This coolant is sent to the radiator, which in turn released the heat. The cooling fans provide airflow to your radiator and help it to avoid overheating. Then, the coolant is sent back to your engine block and the whole cycle is repeated.

Care for Your Cooling System

There are several things you should do to maintain a healthy cooling system in your vehicle. First, regular radiator flushes will help to maintain your engine’s health and ensure that it runs to its optimum capacity. A radiator fluid exchange and regular antifreeze replacements can do wonders for your car’s cooling system. This simple, affordable task is the best way to keep the radiator working the way it should. We will also perform a full system inspection to check for any leaks or cracks in your radiator. We’ll perform a pressure test that helps us locate any leaks.

You should also have the health and condition of your water pump checked regularly. If this part wears out, the pump can no longer deliver the necessary cooling water to the engine. All hoses should be checked for wear and tear since they’re responsible for delivering the coolant fluid to your engine. At our facility, we have the background and tools to not only diagnose any cooling system problems but also to get them repaired efficiently and effectively. With our comprehensive cooling system services, your engine will stay cool and you’ll have safety and peace of mind for many miles to come.

For all of your vehicle’s service, maintenance, and repair needs to contact The Shop Tire and Service Center in Elk River, MN or schedule an appointment online today.

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