Drive Axle CV Joints

drive axle cv

Most vehicles use something called CV joints, which is short for Constant Velocity. Between the two joints is the axle or driveshaft, which connects them together. Your car will have a right and left driveshaft with both inner and outer CV joints. They transfer the torque from your transmission to the wheels, which is what makes your wheels turn so you can drive in a forward motion. Your CV joins help the drive shaft move up and down in a smooth motion with your suspension as you drive or turn at a consistent speed.

Sometimes, these parts need repair. If you have an issue with the drive axle or CV joints, contact The Shop Tire and Service Center in Elk River, MN as soon as possible. It’s important to get the issue repaired quickly to ensure safety on the road. CV joints have a long-lasting grease inside of them which is held safely by rubber boots. If the boots become torn, the grease can leak. For most drivers, your CV joints should last for a long time and should allow you to drive for thousands of miles.

When the rubber boots on your CV joints are ripped or torn, the grease leaks out and this can cause some serious damage since they rely on the grease for proper lubrication. We will perform a thorough inspection of the boots and CV joints to ensure that everything is in good condition. Your best method of protection is regular maintenance. Check for small holes or cracks on the CV boots and if you see something unusual, the time to act is now. If it’s ignored, the issue can result in some pretty costly repairs later on.

Listen carefully for any knocking or clicking noises in your front end, particularly when you turn. This is a common sign that your CV joint is worn out. Any time the joint breaks, the car will not be able to be driven at all. An easy fix is to replace the CV joint, repack it with new grease, and reapply a new boot. This will ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly and safely for many years and many miles to come. If you’re concerned about your CV joints or axles, bring your car in today for an inspection and diagnosis.

For all of your vehicle’s service, maintenance, and repair needs to contact The Shop Tire and Service Center in Elk River, MN or schedule an appointment online today.

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