Drivetrain Repair


All vehicles use the drivetrain to transmit power from the engine to the tires. This important component of our vehicle is comprised of several things including the transmission, driveshaft, axles, and differential. Over time, parts like gears and bearings can wear out, and you will need some form of drivetrain repair. Our experienced mechanics can work on any make and model of vehicle including Asian and European cars to get your drivetrain working correctly again. Whether it’s new grease inside the bearing caps of your driveshaft or new axles, we can get the job done quickly and get it done right the first time.

Important Drivetrain Tips and Information

To keep your drivetrain in good condition, include regular greasing of the CV joint as part of your preventative maintenance. You can do this every time you bring your car in for a scheduled oil change. Over time, your joints can still wear out and will likely need replacement. If one is worn out, it’s highly possible that several will eventually wear out over time. You should ask to have all joints replaced when one fails to ensure that each one is in excellent condition.

So, how do you know when your drivetrain is in trouble? There are a few common symptoms that you should be on the lookout for. First, if your vehicle starts to clunk whenever you shift, it’s a red flag that something is wrong with the drivetrain. Another symptom is that your car shakes when you drive it. This could be something else like misaligned wheels or a steering problem, but if the shaking is severed, it’s likely the drivetrain. High pitched noises when you drive is another serious red flag. Always bring your vehicle in for a diagnosis as soon as you experience any of these issues so we can make a proper check and necessary repairs.

Your axles may just need to have more grease added, or a rubber boot might need replacing. You could also have an issue with your differential fluid. This fluid should be adjusted, particularly when you plan to tow something or haul a heavy load. When you drive under those types of conditions, the fluid can accumulate small metal debris, causing serious damage over time. Make sure your differential fluid is clean and changed on a regular basis, particularly if you drive a vehicle that needs to tow or haul something heavy on a regular basis.

With these simple tips, you can be better prepared and know what to look for when it comes to drivetrain issues.

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