Steering Repair

steering repairIn order to properly turn and drive safely, your steering needs to be in top condition. If you’ve ever driven a car that has no power steering, you already know just how much power steering can help your car. With power steering, your vehicle uses a hydraulic system that pumps power steering fluid into it so that it’s much easier to turn your steering wheel. Any kind of hydraulic system is highly pressurized, and it may be in need of occasional repair.

If you’re concerned about your car’s steering system, the professionals at The Shop Tire and Service Center can help. We’ll take a look at your power steering fluid levels and make sure that everything is clean. Dirty power steering fluid can have a real impact on your ability to turn and to drive in general. If you don’t take care of your power steering, it may be time to have the system inspected for functionality and safety.

Common Issues

Every car is different, but there are some issues that are extremely common when it comes to steering. First, your power steering system could be leaking fluid. We will check thoroughly for any possible leaks and then make the necessary repairs. We’ll also do a check of the fluid to ensure that it looks clean and in good condition. A top off of your fluid will ensure that the hydraulic system has enough pressure to work properly.

Another common steering problem is that the fluid may have become contaminated. Over time, debris can accumulate in the fluid and gather small bits of plastic, metal, and other materials. When this happens, the steering cannot gain access to the fluid. A power steering flush may be needed to remove the contaminated fluid and refill it with new, clean fluid. Once this is done, you should notice an improvement in handling immediately.

One other common issue with steering is the power steering pump. A belt runs from your crankshaft to this pump, and it can wear out or crack over time. If the belt is broken, the power steering will not work at all. Be sure to include this belt as part of your regular vehicle inspection to ensure that it’s in good condition. The pump itself may also go bad. Once this pump wears out, it can no longer create pressure for the power steering fluid. If you hear noises when you steer, it could be a sign that your pump is in trouble. Bring your vehicle to us and we’ll do a thorough assessment to ensure that your power steering works the way it should for a smoother, safer drive.

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