Service and Repair of HUMMER Vehicles

Service and Repair of HUMMER Vehicles

Although Hummers are no longer in production (GM stopped making them in 2010) and their allure reached its peak nearly a decade ago, these recreational vehicles’ massive size and distinct body style require special care to stay in peak condition. As the civilian counterpart to the military Humvee, they appeal to drivers seeking effective off-road capabilities, and anyone investing in a Hummer needs to be selective in finding a qualified mechanic.

Familiar with the wear and tear caused by off-roading, the technicians at The Shop Tire and Service Center are more than capable of servicing these vehicles for optimal performance. Whether you have an H1, H2 or H3, our team can customize a care plan that fits your needs and expectations. From routine fluid changes to complicated engine repairs, our experts offer nothing short of exceptional care.

Since the tires on these vehicles need special TLC, come see us for your next rotation or balancing service. And don’t forget about the complex computer systems in these models. Everything from you Hummer’s oil life to its tire pressure is controlled by a high-tech system of sensors that send information to the computer. When software updates or technological difficulties have you scratching your head, bring your Hummer to our experienced technicians for a thorough evaluation and complete repair.

With a decades-old philosophy grounded in trust and transparency, our team partners with every driver to ensure their vehicle outlives and outperforms all others. We do more than concentrate on the vehicle; we take your driving habits and environment into consideration before recommending follow-up services or maintenance tasks. Because vehicles don’t exist in a bubble.

You didn’t choose a traditional vehicle, so why settle for an average auto repair shop? Remember, for all your Hummer’s maintenance and repair needs, call The Shop Tire and Service Center at 763-441-5050.

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