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When it comes to good preventative maintenance for your vehicle, you probably think about things like regular oil changes and brake inspections. Getting a wheel alignment is another integral part of ensuring that your car runs safely and smoothly. Have your vehicle checked regularly for alignment issues so you can correct the problem before it gets out of control. Your wheels should be set to a certain angle in relation to the surface of the road for safe driving.

As you drive, your wheel alignment can easily get out of whack. Whether you drive over a lot of potholes, rough terrain, or you simply do a lot of driving, it’s easy for the wheels to become misaligned over time. A simple adjustment will ensure that your tires are wearing evenly, saving you a lot of money in the long run. Cars that are misaligned will experience pulling to one side, and it can quickly wear your tread down. A wheel alignment is an affordable service that will cost much less than having to replace your tires.

Our technicians use a special alignment machine that measures and then adjusts your wheels, axles, and suspension. These adjustments are unique to your car’s manufacturer specs. When the wheels are properly aligned, it will help to regulate the movement of your tires in a more precise way. You may need a four-wheel alignment, or you may need a two-wheel alignment depending on the type of vehicle you drive. For most four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicles, the four-wheel alignment is recommended.

Without regular alignments, your tires will wear down unevenly. These spots on the tires will begin to grind down a lot faster, resulting in a possible flat tire or a dangerous blowout. An alignment will not only help your vehicle operate better but it can also help you drive much more safely. Misalignment can also damage your suspension. If you drive too often in this condition, it can strain the components of the suspension system and result in the need for even more repairs.

Make wheel alignments part of your regular preventative maintenance. This will save the life of your tires, your suspension, and your ability to control the vehicle. You should also see an improvement in fuel efficiency.

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